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University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Adam Joinson


    Adam researches linguistics, privacy, social desirability, communication, the internet, social networking and computer-mediated communication.

  • Alice Willatt


    Alice specialises in ethics, gender, third sector organisations, community-led business and action research.

  • Aliette Lambert


    Aliette researches social issues related to (consumer) identity and subjectivity, digital culture, and sustainability from a critical, feminist perspective.

  • Alistair Brandon-Jones

    Professor and Head of Information, Decisions and Operations Division

    Alistair researches e-enabled operations and supply, and professional service operations.

  • Ammon Salter

    Professor and REF Director

    Ammon researches innovation and technology management and university-industry collaboration.

  • Ana Levordashka

    Dr Ana Levordashka - Research Associate

    Ana is a research associate in the School of Management.

  • Andrea Herepath

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Andrea researches strategic, organisational and institutional change.

  • Andrew Brown

    Professor and Associate Dean (Research)

    Andrew researches identities, identity work, discourse, narrative, sensemaking and power.

  • Andrew Crane


    Andrew researches corporations, communication, responsibility, citizenship, forced labour and stakeholders.

  • Andrew Graves

    Emeritus Professor

    Andrew researches supply chains, railroad cars, the automotive industry, cost effectiveness, communication and traffic congestion.