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University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Ben Groombridge

    Teaching Technician (Medicinal Chemistry)

    Ben is responsible for providing teaching support within the teaching laboratories of the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology.

  • Bernie Morley

    Professor Bernie Morley

    Bernie is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost.

  • Bernie Morley

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

    Professor Morley is responsible for strategic and corporate planning, the University Deans, student recruitment, admissions, and marketing and communications.

  • Daniel Finnegan

    Dr Daniel Finnegan - Research Associate

    Daniel is a research associate in the Department of Computer Science.

  • David Williams

    Technical Manager

    David works in the Faculty of Engineering & Design and is responsible for Technical Services in Architecture & Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

  • Giorgia Giardina

    Dr Giorgia Giardina - Lecturer

    Giorgia is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering.

  • Ian White

    Vice-Chancellor and President

    The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian White, is both the academic leader and chief executive of the University.

  • Jack Howell

    Senior Technician - Aerospace and Biomechanics

    Jack provides technical and manufacturing support to the Aerospace and Biomechanics laboratories in Mechanical Engineering, as well as related facilities.

  • Jaideep Roy

    Professor Jaideep Roy

    Jaideep is a professor in the Department of Economics working in the fields of game theory, economic theory, political economy and information economics

  • James Stone

    Dr James Stone - Research Officer

    James is a research officer in the Department of Physics.