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University of Bath

Tricia Fairburn Applications Adviser

One-to-one application advice appointments for feedback on applications and CVs


  • I provide one-to-one tailored advice for students and graduates on CVs, cover letters, personal statements, and application questions.
  • I write blogs with a focus on psychology and neurodiversity.
  • I am particularly interested in the use of language in job applications.


I started working in Careers in March 2020 as an Information Assistant. Alongside this, I now work part-time as an Applications Adviser, offering feedback on CVs, cover letters and personal statements. Before I joined the university, I worked in retail and hospitality, including a year at the Roman Baths museum. I’m a big believer in transferable skills!

In my spare time, I write novels. I’m fascinated by the impact our words have, and I love reshaping a piece of work until it’s the best it can be. My written communication skills help me give constructive feedback and reflect on how we present and interpret information.


I have an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University.