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University of Bath

Emma Hoar Assistant Accountant – Finance and Procurement

Menopause Champion


I have worked at the University and in several different roles within Finance and Procurement since July 2000.

Why I became a Menopause Champion

I entered straight into the Menopause after a surgical procedure. I had been having perimenopausal symptoms for a few years before this. There is more information and help out there these days but still more can be done to help people. I feel it is very important to get people talking and sharing so people do not feel alone with the struggles that this time in people’s lives can bring. As a Menopause Champion I hope I can get people talking more and for it to become more accepted in the workplace.

I’m very happy to talk to or help anyone that wants to share their Perimenopausal/Menopause experiences or worries. I am happy to share my experiences and how I coped with work life whilst going through my menopause journey. I personally have found talking to people going through this experience a great help in the knowledge that I am not alone.