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University of Bath

Zoe Hurley Bibliographic Services Librarian

Menopause Champion


I work in the Library as a Bibliographic Services Librarian.

Why I became a Menopause Champion

I was motivated to become a menopause champion to help demystify this life stage and promote the importance of supporting it in the workplace. At school, I learned lots about puberty and nothing about menopause, and thus the scope and scale of this period (pun intended) of life was quite a shock to me.

I had early perimenopause, which was initially misdiagnosed, and have experience of both the trials and triumphs of a range of HRT approaches, and have also adapted to the unmedicated route, following an oestrogen positive cancer which meant I could no longer use HRT. I feel this gives me quite a range of experience. I want to accentuate the positive and encourage those experiencing menopause (and those around them) to be well informed and confident. Very happy to talk and signpost routes to help and guidance for anyone affected/curious/interested.