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University of Bath

Simon Brown SWC Campus infrastructure

Staff Wellbeing Champion


After four years at the University, I changed jobs from Chemistry to Campus Infrastructure as an Assistant Locksmith. It’s a challenging but enjoyable job.

I now work primarily with staff, rather than students − which has presented a different set of required skills. Wellbeing is still extremely important to my role and I’ve embraced further training and development to enhance my wellbeing skills. I also recently helped set up the new Men’s Network.

Wellbeing statement

Listening and talking without judgment or discrimination is our best tool to support our colleagues and ourselves.


I’m a Scout leader, I love interacting with the young people and introducing new skills and experiences. Ask me about the Box mines exploration. 9pm is often movie time when I settle down for a good flick − sci-fi is my favourite. And finally, I’ve reached the age of becoming a grandparent, and I love it.


  • Trained in mental health and physical health first aid

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) 2023