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University of Bath

Adam Mannan Contracts Officer (Commercialisation), Research and Innovation Services

Member of the doctoral coaching network.


I work in commercialisation and research contracts. I feel strongly about the prosperity of the University and the welfare and positive experience of its staff and students: I’m a Wellbeing Champion and a mental health first aider. I also actively engage in groups and associations to improve life at Bath.

My curiosity runs across most subjects, though I’m more science and reasoning orientated. I’m interested in self-actualization and thus learning and self-reflection are important to me; this is mostly done in the context of helping others. I’m a qualified teacher, civil and commercial mediator and workplace mediator. Currently, completing solicitor qualification.

I'm particularly interested in helping others towards their self-actualization or at least in acquiring supportive and contented Intrapersonal communication. My coaching interest is strengthening and developing reflection.