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University of Bath

John Lowe Core Research Facility Lead

John is an NMR Spectroscopist with primary responsibility for managing the NMR facilities based in the Department of Chemistry.


John is responsible for all aspects of running the suite of NMR instruments in the Department of Chemistry. He facilitates user access though developing bespoke methods and training researchers in data acquisition and interpretation. He is actively involved in training the next generation of chemists in analytical techniques, focussing on NMR. Additionally John has significant involvement in providing these analytical tools to external companies and academics, to provide key information on their chemical samples.

John's main research interest is reaction monitoring via FlowNMR. This is carried out within the DReaM Facility, based around a 500 MHz spectrometer with cryoprobe, to continuously monitor reactions under realistic lab conditions (e.g. in a fume cupboard or glove box). He co-supervises several PhD students and teaches NMR spectroscopy on several undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He is also an Inorganic Chemistry tutor.


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John’s journey into NMR began during his PhD, when he was employed by the University of York to spend 25% of his time helping to run the NMR service.

He subsequently worked as a PDRA at the University of Oxford for three years in the lab of Profs Peter Styles, Andrew Blamire and Nicola Sibson. His research here focused on MRI methods to study brain disease and inflammation. He joined the University of Bath as NMR Spectroscopist in 2004.


John graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of York in 1995. He stayed in York to undertake a PhD in organometallic chemistry, supervised by Dr Roger Mawby and Professor Simon Duckett, graduating in 2000.

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