University of Bath

Dr Briony Frost Curriculum Development Officer

Briony works within the Curriculum Development team to support the University’s Curriculum Transformation.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Liaison
  • Student Engagement with Research Specialist



  • Antimonuments in Seventeenth Century England (Routledge: forthcoming, 2019/20).
  • A Warrior Queen: Military Noise and Martial Manoeuvres in the Queen’s Majesty’s Progress (MOEML: forthcoming, 2019)
  • Aping the Classics: Terry Pratchett’s Satirical Animals in Animals in Detective Fiction by John Miller and Ruth Hawthorn (Palgrave: forthcoming, 2019).
  • O'erwhelmed by Noise: Soundhouses and Sonic Experiments in Ben Jonson's Epicene Shakespeare Bulletin (Winter, 2017) - 35:4, forthcoming.
  • Short Story: Catalyst The Journal (University of Exeter, 2005)


  • Lecturer in English Literature 2007-2018 (University of Exeter; University of Exeter, Cornwall; & Plymouth University)
  • Lecturer in English Literature Online and Digital Learning Consultant 2011-2017 (University of Exeter)
  • Lead for Schools Liaison and Outreach for English at Plymouth University 2016-2018
  • Lead for Academic Writing Skills for English at Plymouth University 2016-2018
  • Freelance Learning Consultant
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


  • PhD in Jacobean Drama and Politics (AHRC full scholarship)
  • MA in Renaissance Studies (AHRC scholarship)
  • BA Hons in English Literature