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University of Bath

Rebecca Knight Department Manager, Humanities and Social Sciences

Menopause Champion


I have worked at the University since 2009 in a number of different roles including Department Coordinator and Events and Marketing roles.

Why I became a Menopause Champion

I wanted to become involved in supporting others as a Menopause Champion partly because I entered perimenopause relatively young, and this has sparked an interest in how everyone experiences this differently. I’m hoping that by raising awareness generally about menopause and specifically how we can support ourselves and others in the workplace we can help it become a more approachable subject and less of a taboo.

I was particularly horrified to read statistics about how many people going through menopause either already have or are thinking about leaving their jobs due to struggling to manage their career and symptoms. Hopefully increasing support at University of Bath can help to make sure that we are a workplace where people feel comfortable and able to ask for support when needed.