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University of Bath

Dean Veall Deputy Head of Public Engagement

Leading on the development and delivery of activities that support high-quality public engagement with research at the University.


Dean leads on a range of activities that aims to sustain a positive culture of high-quality public engagement with research across the University of Bath. This work operates across four areas:

  • doing public engagement - creating a range of opportunities for staff to develop and deliver impactful public engagement activities

  • learning about public engagement – supporting staff to develop their capacities and capabilities to effectively engage public groups with their research

  • celebrating public engagement - rewarding, recognising and publicising high-quality public engagement

  • leading on public engagement - keeping Bath at the forefront of the national and international public engagement agenda


Dean is an experienced engagement and learning practitioner with extensive experience of developing and delivering face to face engagement activities in museums including the Natural History Museum, Grant Museum of Zoology and the Winding House Museum.


BSc, Zoology, Imperial College