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University of Bath

Sarah Atkinson SWC Development and Alumni Relations Donor Relations Manager

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I started at the University in January 2023 as Donor Relations Manager in Development & Alumni Relations. I work with colleagues across the department to plan how we engage with our donors.

Wellbeing statement

I feel passionately about speaking and writing openly about mental health. I started doing this in the hope it would help others feel more comfortable to talk themselves, and to educate people on how to engage with friends, family or colleagues. I believe mental wellbeing is just as important as physical and we should increase the understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing across our workplaces.


I love being outside, especially by the seaside. I enjoy a long hike in the countryside or along the beach. Cold, sunny days are my favourite. I’m really into landscape photography and it takes me ages to complete a hike because all I want to do is stop and take photos!