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University of Bath

Dr Benjamin Metcalfe FRSA Head of Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Ben is responsible for the teaching, research, and strategic planning of the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering.


Ben was appointed Head of Department in June 2023. Ben is a biomedical engineer with a focus on the development of healthcare technologies and neural interfaces for human rehabilitation and augmentation. Key to his work is the collision of technology and biology, and he advocates for the holistic design of medical devices taking in consideration the technological, regulatory, societal, and ethical implications.

Related posts

  • Deputy Director of the Bath Institute for the Augmented Human
  • Co-Director of the Centre for Bioengineering and Biomedical Technology (CBio)
  • Vice-President (Academic) of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
  • Non-Executive Director of the charity Designability


  • Neural interfaces and neuropostheses
  • Biomedical signal processing for both implantable and wearable devices
  • Neuronal modelling and computing
  • Prosthetics and exoskeletons

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  • 2016: Biomedical engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Bath
  • 2012: Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Master of Engineering, University of Bath