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University of Bath

Stephanie Lee-Wright SWC Human Resources Advisor

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I work as a HR Advisor at the University, covering the areas of Professional Services and Engineering and Design. I am passionate about providing approachable, supportive and accessible HR advice.

Wellbeing statement

I believe that wellbeing is incredibly important within both our professional and personal lives. I understand that as people we sometimes shy away from discussing our feelings, however, it is really important to reach out for support and engage in activities to improve our mental health. I hope that as a wellbeing champion I can provide friendly support and reassurance as well as be a guide for the tools and resources that are available.


I have a passion for literature, nature and spending time with my loved ones. I enjoy cooking with my partner, recreating dishes which remind me of previous travels. I have worked as an ethical make-up artist and continue to be interested in feel good products.