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University of Bath

Niamh Rutterford SWC Humanities and Social Sciences Department Coordinator

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I support the HoD and academic staff for the Department of Economics as part of the HSS Department Coordinator team. I enjoy working with many different people in various roles on a wide range of activities.

Wellbeing statement

As an advocate of self-care and wellness, I enjoy connecting with people and sharing some of the ways small actions can be incorporated into daily routines for tangible benefits. It feels good if I can be of some help, whether listening, sharing my own knowledge and experiences or signposting on. I believe that helping to maintain a sense of calm and positivity is important and beneficial in terms of supporting each other’s wellbeing.


Jewellery making and aromatherapy are two of my passions and I’m happiest when making things, whether that’s cooking, crafting or in my workshop. I also have an interest in emotion coaching and regulation, incorporating emotion management strategies to help with feelings such as stress and anxiety.