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University of Bath

Catherine Lyall Instrument Specialist - NMR and Reaction Monitoring

Catherine oversees the DReaM Facility and also jointly manages the University’s NMR spectrometers.


Catherine is an NMR spectroscopist with a background in organic chemistry. She trains, advises and runs NMR samples for research staff, students and external users. Alongside Dr John Lowe and Dr Tim Woodman, Catherine oversees the operation of the University’s eight NMR spectrometers. She also takes responsibility for the Dynamic Reaction Monitoring Facility (DReaM), which combines NMR and other analytical techniques for real-time reaction monitoring of homogeneous chemical reactions.


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Catherine worked at GlaxoSmithKline in an analytical chemistry role during her year-long sandwich placement. This was the point at which she got the analytical chemistry bug. As a postgraduate student, she also worked in the Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility, providing NMR consultancy services for external researchers.


Catherine holds a MChem for Drug Discovery with Industrial Training from the University of Bath. Her subsequent PhD studies were under the supervision of Dr Simon Lewis, completing this in 2014. Her doctoral research focused on functionalisation of carbon-hydrogen bonds using aluminium and iridium.