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University of Bath

Gabriele Kociok-Kohn Instrument Specialist - X-Ray Crystallography

Gabriele manages the X-Ray Diffraction service within the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility. She oversees instrument operation and user training.


Gabriele manages and maintains an extensive X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) facility, including two RIGAKU single crystal diffractometers and a STOE STADI P double setup powder XRD. She facilitates all aspects of data collection and training of researchers, and provides expert advice on problem structures. She is also involved in the analytical consultancy services for external companies and academics, and collaborates with various international research groups.


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Whilst studying at the TU-Berlin Gabriele also worked in the field of analytical chemistry with Prof Dr P. Br├Ątter at the Hahn-Meitner-Institute for Nuclear Research in Berlin, and in chemical engineering with Prof Dr Hugo at the Institute of Chemical Engineering, TU-Berlin.

After her PhD she worked in a Postdoctoral Researcher capacity for Prof Dr W. J. Evans at the University of California Irvine, focussing on the reactions of organosamarium complexes with hydrazine ligands (1990-92). She subsequently returned to Berlin to work as a research assistant for Prof Dr H. Schumann at the Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, TU-Berlin, and as a research and teaching assistant at the Humboldt Universit├Ąt zu Berlin for Prof Dr A. C. Filippou. Her role involved the structural analysis by XRD of small air sensitive molecules, as well as consultancy work for other academic groups.

After the family moved to Bath in 2002, Gabriele started work as a XRD technician at the University of Bath, and progressed to her current role as Instrument Specialist in XRD in 2005.


Gabriele's fascination with crystals led her to study mineralogy and crystallography alongside her chemistry studies. During her doctoral studies in the late 80s she used single crystal structure analysis as means of characterisation for her organolanthanide alkoxides. She spent a year at the University of Oklahoma in the group of Prof Dr K. M. Nicholas, and finished her PhD in the group of Prof Dr H. Schumann at the TU-Berlin in 1990.

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