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University of Bath

Martin Levere Instrument Technician

Martin is an Instrument Technician supporting the Instrument Specialists for Mass Spectrometry and Polymer Analysis. He is Radioprotection Supervisor (RPS).


Martin supports the Instrument Specialists with the maintenance, operation, acquisition of data and training of users on GPC/SEC and MALDI-TOF-TOF MS instruments.

His expertise in Polymer Chemistry means that he is also able to support researchers in this field, and apply a range of chemical characterisation techniques to their samples.

In his role as Radioprotection Supervisor for the Chemical Characterisation Facility and the Department of Chemistry, he oversees all of the activities, involving X-Rays, ensuring safe working practices for all involved.


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Since completing his PhD in 2008, Martin has worked as a post-doctoral researcher in polymer science laboratories in France, the USA and the UK. He primarily worked with reversible deactivation radical polymerisation (RDRP) to synthesise polymers and NMR, GPC/SEC, MALDI-TOF MS, Light Scattering, Dynamic Light scattering (DLS), DSC, UV-vis and Infra-Red to characterise the products. His post-doctoral appointments include the Université du Maine (Le Mans, France), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA), Aston University (Birmingham, UK) and University of Liverpool (Liverpool, UK). He has a particular interest in real-time reaction monitoring, Cu(0) mediated RDRP (SET-LRP), RAFT polymerisation and azlactone functional polymers.


Martin holds a MChem degree (2005) and PhD degree (2009) from the University of Warwick. His Polymer chemistry focused PhD thesis “At-Line Monitoring of SET-LRP Reactions” was supervised by Prof. David Haddleton and sponsored by Polymer Laboratories (now Agilent).

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