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University of Bath

Samantha Lau Instrument Technician

Samantha supports the instrument specialists in both mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy facilities.


Sam is an instrument technician providing support to the mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy team and day-to-day maintenance of the instruments. She is currently trained to run routine mass spectrometry samples on MAXIS instrument and NMR samples for external users.


Sam’s background is in air and moisture sensitive organometallic chemistry. Throughout her PhD and post-doctoral positions, she has had collaborations with industry (Johnson Matthey) and other universities on several research projects. Her research interest primarily involved forming novel early and late transition metal complexes with the aim to use them in catalysis to activate small molecules and strong chemical bonds. Sam was also actively involved in the postdoctoral committee at the University of Bath in the chemistry department, representing the interest of postdocs in the Positive Involvement Committee (PIC) and health and safety committee.


Sam graduated with an MSci in Chemistry from Imperial College London (ICL) where she also completed her PhD in organometallic chemistry supervised jointly by Professor Mark Crimmin (ICL) and Dr Ian Casely (Johnson Matthey). In 2018, Sam joined Professor Adrian Chaplin’s group at the University of Warwick for her first PDRA position. In 2019, she joined the University of Bath working in Dr Ruth Webster’s group on iron coordination chemistry and catalysis.