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University of Bath

Fanis Tsoligkas SWC Lecturer in Accounting in the School of Management

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I teach accounting topics and research methods for accounting and finance students. I have a great interest in teaching about software that requires programming to perform quantitative analysis. My research lies in the fields of financial reporting discretion and also addresses the effect of trading behaviours of corporate executives and directors. I enjoy working on interesting projects and I am open to new collaborations.

Wellbeing statement

I feel the unprecedented situation we experienced with Covid highlighted the importance to raise awareness of mental health issues. I would like to be part of the team that creates an environment and a culture where we can discuss mental health issues freely and confidently.


I really like long walks in parks and the countryside. Along with this I enjoy cycling especially when it is not raining. I also love reading books despite the feeling that there is not much time to do this.