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University of Bath

Elise Pegg SWC Mechanical Engineering Senior Lecturer

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I am a senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and spend a lot of my time teaching subjects such as structural mechanics and materials. My research is in the fields of biomechanics and biomaterials, with a focus on joint replacement, and using a combination of laboratory testing and computer simulation. I enjoy the range of activities and the world of possibilities that my role and each day presents.

Wellbeing statement

Maintaining wellbeing can be extremely difficult in our busy lives, but it's so important to prioritise it and find a way that works for you. It is by no means easy to fix, but the rewards are huge. And it's not something you need to do alone − I am keen to assist in any way I can.


I really love going for walks around the wonderful countryside Bath has to offer and enjoy challenging myself and learning new craft skills.