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University of Bath

Dr. Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour Muslim Visiting Local Faith Leader

Students and staff are welcome to contact any local visiting faith leader. All our faith leaders work within safeguarding and confidentiality guidelines.


Dr Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour memorized the Qur’ān at the age of eleven and received his primary, secondary, and undergraduate education at Al-Azhar, Cairo, graduating as valedictorian of his class with a bachelor’s in Islamic theology and philosophy. He then completed his MA in Catholic Theology at the University of Durham, U.K. and his PhD at SOAS University of London, examining questions of truth and salvation between Catholic Christianity and Sunni Islam.


His PhD thesis was examined and generously reviewed by Revd. Dr Rowan Williams and it is now published as a book with Brill Publishers, entitled: A Comparative History of Catholic and Ash‘arī Theologies of Truth and Salvation (2021). In tandem with his lectureship position at Al-Azhar University, Gamal is the Imam of Bath Mosque and is also a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol. His monograph with Oxford University Press, which carries the title: From the Higher Objectives of Islamic Law to the Higher Objectives of Islamic Theology, opens the doors to a new field of inquiry in Islamic theology (ISBN: 9780197648636).