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University of Bath

Charlotte Cranwell SWC Programmes Administrator

Staff Wellbeing Champion


In my current role in the Doctoral College, I am Programmes Administrator for three departments within the Faculty of Science. This means being a point of call for PhD students when they go through their academic milestones, need support outside of their department, or have queries about their progression. Previous to this I spent some time working in the Charity sector for several different organisations.

Wellbeing Statement

Mental wellbeing covers many areas of our daily lives and can be impacted in many ways. There are a range of methods we can apply to help ourselves and others maintain our wellbeing.


I greatly enjoy The Arts and have completed a Diploma in Art History; calligraphy, illustration and pottery are my particular favourites. To keep fit, I do yoga and go to the gym, I also enjoy getting outdoors, either for long walks or hikes. Along with these pastimes I can be found baking and experimenting with a new recipe for a special dinner.