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University of Bath

Melanie Torrance Projects and Facilities Officer, School of Management

Menopause Champion


I have worked at the University for 10 years, and in the School of Management as a Project and Facilities Management Officer for eight years.

Why I became a Menopause Champion

I’m passionate about ending the stigma around menopause and ensuring we support and empower staff through what can be a very difficult time. Everyone’s experience of menopause is different, people experience different symptoms, have different views or philosophies about how to manage them, and different medical histories. People of diverse gender expressions and identities experience menopause too.

I am very keen to help those who experience menopause to have the knowledge and confidence to manage their menopause successfully. I've been helping to run the Menopause Matters support network and trying to normalise conversations about menopause in the workplace. I’m also a Staff Wellbeing Champion and Mental Health First Aider.