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University of Bath

Adam Mannan SWC Research and Innovation Services Contracts Officer

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I am a contract officer (commercialisation) in RIS. My participation in University life extends to Race and Equality, Kaleidoscope, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Where I can, I assist beyond my role and happily provide liaison between teams.

Wellbeing statement

Be well. No one should have to struggle with mental health, unhappiness or feel that they are alone. Bath has a superbly caring community and very active wellbeing team. It's ok, in fact it is healthy, to reach out and speak with someone, to seek support, and put yourself on the path to happiness, to finding purpose, and setting goals. I’m committed to providing support through the good times and the bad. If you would like help with positive coping strategies or signposting to help and support, or you would just like to chat, please contact me by email or Teams.


Outside of work, my time is devoted to my family, and an inclination towards learning, creative endeavours, film, reading, and swimming.


  • Trained in Mental Health First Aid