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University of Bath

Shan Bradley-Cong Research Impact Coordinator, RIS

Menopause Champion


I look after the whole lifecycle of research impact, from planning and generating, to measuring and evaluating. I have extensive experience in many departments in the University. I’m also a climate champion and run the all-inclusive Omnibus Volleyball Club.

Why I became a Menopause Champion

I believe in breaking the taboo of natural human conditions and supporting colleagues to achieve their best. I have witnessed many colleagues suffering from the process of menopause and would like to help them. This is a topic with many stigma attached to, and with lower awareness among the society compared with other conditions. I also want to set an example as a male champion to encourage more colleagues to voice their support. Furthermore, as the Staff Wellbeing Champion, I would like to increase my knowledge in this area so I can better serve the staff community.