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University of Bath

Dr Yanki Keles Research Project Manager

Yanki manages the activities and finances of externally funded research projects.


As a Project Manager, Yanki will work alongside you to plan and manage your project by:

  • allocating responsibilities
  • understanding stakeholder needs
  • creating a framework for the project team
  • monitoring and reporting progress
  • responding to issues
  • adapting project plans as necessary
  • managing the support staff

Yanki currently manages:

Further information about these projects.


While working at the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM SA), Yanki ran several projects as the interface between Industry and Academia. Since then, Yanki has worked as a consultant managing European projects (CIP, FP7 and InterReg) at different organisations, including her own firm founded in 2010.

Her areas of expertise include grant preparation and management, research policy analysis and IP management. She also has several years experience in quality assurance management, training and assessments of market opportunities. Before this, she researched nano-materials and nanotechnologies (AFM tip design and manufacture), composites and non-destructive testing.


Yanki is a Materials and Metallurgical Engineer, from the Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. She has a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Lausanne (EPFL). Yanki speaks four languages.