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University of Bath

Dr Mike Rose Research Strategy Business Partner (Management), Research and Innovation Services

Member of the doctoral coaching network.


Mike Rose is the Research Strategy Business Partner (Management) in the Research Development team (RIS). This means supporting academics with grant capture, career development and research culture initiatives. Previously he was a Researcher Development Training Officer in the University of Surrey Doctoral College, working with PhDs and early career researchers on a range of skill developments and 1-1 support. His expertise covers academic writing, public engagement, and using technologies for effective research practice. He also co-ordinates 23 Things International, a global online development programme for researchers (including PhDs at Bath).

His interest in coaching and mentoring comes from running several such schemes at Surrey, helping researchers identify and follow their passions – whether into research or anywhere else. He has worked extensively on improving accessibility and equity in training, through work with neurodiversity groups and ‘decolonising training’ projects. As a trainee coach, he is keen to learn about the diversity of researcher experience, especially where conversations can help people unlock their real potential. He is a philosophy and literature nerd (with a PhD on Wittgenstein and poetry).