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University of Bath

Todd Phillips SWC Residence Reception Assistant

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I joined the University of Bath in October 2022 and work within the accommodation section. A lot of my job evolves being the front of house staff for student queries, whether it’s helping them if they have been locked out or pointing someone in the right direction of whom to speak to.

Wellbeing Statement

We all have rubbish days, the one thing I find important is to have someone to talk about it to. Even if it’s just to get it off my chest it’s a relief feeling that you have a listening ear. That’s what I want to be for everyone at this University, someone who can sit and listen. Our wellbeing is so important on our day to day lives as the knock-on effect it can have on everything else can be massive. Please feel free to reach out to me on teams or email if you ever want to chat.


Include gaming, researching, and discussing history, from Romans to Golden Age Piracy. I love also getting involved in anything LGBTQ+ related in and outside of work.


Safe Zone Project (The understanding and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ Community)