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University of Bath

Cassie Carpenter SWC School of Management Divisional Coordinator

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I have been at the University of Bath for over ten years. My current role is a Divisional Coordinator within the School of Management. My main responsibilities are to provide support for academics and PhD students. I also organise social events, which is a part of my role I really enjoy.

Wellbeing statement

Looking after your wellbeing and being able to talk about what you may be experiencing internally in a safe space is so important. Talking about wellbeing with others can really help reduce the stigma that people may experience around mental health. Being kind to yourself and each other is a must!


I love going for long walks, cooking, listening to audiobooks and doing cross stitch. I adore animals and have worked in kennels and safari parks in my past life − I couldn’t imagine a life without dogs! I’m a vegan and enjoy spreading awareness regarding animal rights. I am a very spiritual person, practicing mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis.


  • Trained in mental health first aid