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University of Bath

Dr Bonnie Pang Senior Lecturer, Department for Health

Member of the doctoral coaching network.


Dr Bonnie Pang is Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor and a Sociologist in Sport, Health and Education (Department for Health) at University of Bath. Her research focuses on Chinese diaspora’s health and physical cultures alongside contemporary issues in diversity, equity, and inclusion. She serves as an editorial member of Sport, Education, and Society, and an Adjunct Fellow of the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. She was a recipient of the prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, and AIESEP Young Scholar award.

Bonnie has experiences in supervising PGR students in Australia and the UK. She is particularly interested in coaching staff and PGR on topics related to inner work, working through cultural adaptations and differences, and addressing conflicts, having difficult conversations and negotiation at work.