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University of Bath

Dr Olivier Camus Senior Technician

Olivier works in the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility and is responsible for materials characterisation in the Advanced Materials laboratory.


Olivier is responsible of the characterisation of materials in the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility. This includes operation and maintenance of the following equipment:

  • Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter for the pore size distribution of meso and macro pores
  • nitrogen adsorption at 77K to determine the micropores structure (3Flex)
  • Thermo-Gravimetric Analyser for the study of the physical and chemical properties of materials
  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption for measuring the quantity and speed of adsorption of a solvent by a sample


After a PhD in Chemical Engineering in France, Olivier joined the University of Bath in 1997 in the Chemical Engineering department as a research officer. For more than 20 years, Olivier has been involved in research in catalysis, gas separation using ceramic membranes, gas adsorption with carbon or ceramic monolithic structures and antibacterial air filters. In 2017, Olivier took up the role of senior technician in Architecture and Civil Engineering and became responsible for the Advanced Materials laboratory. Besides the materials characterisation, Olivier manages the booking and use of the climate chambers and the inventory of the chemicals in the laboratories. Olivier also programs the Raspberry Pis for the data recording from electronic scales.


PhD in Chemical Engineering, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (France).