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University of Bath

Annette Goddard SWC Skills Development Coordinator

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I work in the Peer Support Team within the SU. Primarily I manage projects such as language Pal, language café and oversee the training of students leaders by working on events and workshops to upskill our students. My background includes managing mentoring programmes within HE, working with vulnerable families, engaging agencies to support individuals and the family as a whole and running several training elements as part of all jobs to date!

Wellbeing statement

I have often been someone who lends an ear and I like to be able to support others, whether that’s over a cuppa and talking through options and signposting, taking a walk and being a listening ear or ensuring I am fully trained to support those who may not feel ok to say it out loud. I want to assure people nothing is too small to come and talk to me about and that I will do my best for you in any situation.


I think my top 3 interests are music, baking/cooking and jui jitsu!

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