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University of Bath

Beth Stephens SWC Sports Development and Recreation Sport Assistant

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I joined the Sports Development and Recreation Department in June 2021 as a Sports Assistant, having just graduated with a BSc degree. Now I have the responsibility of looking after work experience at the STV and have secured an offer to study a master’s degree alongside my job.

Wellbeing statement

Mental wellbeing is important for a confident, effective and positive work life. By being a listening ear and supporting staff by signposting them to areas of support, I hope I can have a positive impact in creating a safe and trusting environment improving the community’s wellbeing.


Outside of work I like to go on long walks − trying out different routes with my loud but tiny dog (she’s a Dorgi). Otherwise, you’ll find me at the pool, doing some exercise or in the kitchen baking or cooking. I’ve also watched a lot of American TV series’ − you name it, it’s likely I’ve seen it.