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University of Bath

Wendy Wood Workforce Development Coordinator, Human Resources

Menopause Champion


I’ve worked at the University for nearly 9 years. I work in a people focused role supporting the opportunities of learning and developing others.

Why I became a Menopause Champion

I joined Menopause Matters during its first year and it aligned nicely to my first year of perimenopause. I felt listened to, heard, in a safe place to discuss my experiences and learn from others who too shared their own unique journeys of the menopause years. In my role, I champion how important this conversation is and continues to be, how it impacts ALL people at varying times of life.

Everyone has their own story as every person is unique. The information, guidance and managers’ training that is available supports the ‘menopause at work’ conversation in developing the University’s ‘culture of care’. I CARE and I can provide a confidential and listening ear when times are confusing and difficult, when information alone is not enough, kindness, patience and being heard is needed to find our way.