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University of Bath

Wendy Wood SWC Workforce Development Coordinator

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I work within the HR team of Workforce Development supporting HR services in the areas of pay and reward, management information and data, academic career progression, learning and organisational development.

Wellbeing Statement

‘Lean on me, when you are not strong, I’ll be you friend, I’ll help you carry on’…. You may know the lyrics of the Bill Withers song. Colleagues find me approachable with a confidential listening ear to hear your troubles and as they say ‘a trouble shared is a trouble halved’, it’s good to talk! I would like to be all the above, someone you can reach out to when you need support, guidance and information on the options that can help you feel less alone.


You probably guessed it, music helps me through tough times, songs can provide so much meaning, memory and comfort. I enjoy the great outdoors, walking and 5K runner, I also enjoy daily fitness which includes some mindfulness Pilates.


  • Mental Health First Aid
  • ZSA Suicide Awareness Training