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University of Bath

A fair and vibrant society research

Our researchers contribute to the development of vibrant, democratic societies that enable everyone to lead healthy and meaningful lives.

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Our work contributes to the development of diverse societies

Our research

Fair and vibrant societies are dynamic environments in which social meanings and values are subject to constant change and adjustment. Our research from the Department for Health creates a space where social and political meaning of identity, formations of community, and framing of health and illness can be explored and critiqued.

Challenging power and inequality in overall health, wellbeing and active embodiment can contribute to the development of vibrant, democratic and equitable societies. We explore the way that individual experiences of health, illness, wellbeing, sport and physical activity are linked with rapidly changing social, economic, political and cultural contexts. In addition, we look at how political, cultural, educational, corporate, and health-related institutions and social norms all have influence on opportunities for health and citizen participation.

Our research is informed by critical questions about the operation of power, effects of inequality and possibilities for social change. We aim to develop insight into the influences that shape the contexts of active living, health and quality of life, for example leisure, sport development, tourism, education and consumption.

We work to illustrate examples of sensitive and inclusive social and health practice, while also revealing injustice and exclusion. Our research informs alternative ways of supporting diverse groups in society, for example those with mental ill health, physical disability, the elderly or very young, migrant populations and those with long-term pain.

Our research groups

We pursue this research agenda through the following research groups:

Our projects