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University of Bath

Connecting data: Understanding social care demand

An investigation into the causes of increased demand for social care.

Building on the existing collaboration between IPR and Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council this project explores the significant increases in demand for services relating to Special Educational Needs and Disability and Learning Disabilities from early years into adult services.

Building on existing good practice, high quality data analysis is needed to understand the causal factors behind these increases. In order to avoid a ‘black box’ analysis and to ensure that skills and capacity within both B&NES Council and the IPR are enhanced, ongoing collaboration around the process of articulating research questions and curating, describing and analysing the data is vital.

This process is part of developing a methodology which is transferrable to other local settings.

Project team


  • Policy impact: It is anticipated that the findings from the project will inform the review of existing services and support business case development for new services in the area.
  • Presentation: Bath and North East Somerset Special Educational Needs Student Trends and Figures 2011-2017, Bath and North East Somerset Council, Dr Hannah Durrant and Emily Rempel, September 2018
  • Presentation: The politics of administrative data: A case study of school census data for children with SEND, The International Conference for Administrative Data Research, Dr Hannah Durrant, Emily Rempel, and Professor Julie Barnett, 21-22 June 2018