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University of Bath

Inclusive Universities Project

This project explores how best to make universities more neurodiversity inclusive for everyone, both staff and students, whether neurotypical or neurodivergent.

Everyone is a part of neurodiversity, whether you are neurotypical (neurological functioning fits within the ‘norm’) or neurodivergent (for example, autistic, adhd, dyslexic, dyspraxic/DCD). More neurodivergent people are attending university and entering the workplace than ever, however a range of factors and barriers currently exist in the environment. These environmental barriers may result in isolation, and prevent or hinder them in reaching their full potential. This project looks to identify and remove these barriers, creating a more inclusive environment which benefits everyone.

The Inclusive Universities Project

The Inclusive Universities project aims to make universities more neurodiversity inclusive for both staff and students. We will create an action plan of best practice for our university, informed by the views and experiences of our neurodiverse community. Taking what we learn from this project we will produce a neurodiversity friendly universities manual, to help extend this practice to other universities.

Project details

The project will conduct an audit of the current university environment, existing provisions, and adjustments made for staff and students at the University of Bath. We will produce an anonymous and confidential university wide survey to help assess our current inclusive practices, looking at people’s awareness of them, as well as their appropriateness, effectiveness and how we can improve going forward. The survey will also investigate current understanding and attitudes towards neurodiversity and inclusion in our university’s community. We will then conduct focus groups to work with neurodiverse staff and students, discussing ways to best improve inclusivity and developing an action plan which reflects best practice.

Get involved

Staff and students at the University of Bath are invited to give their views on neurodiversity inclusive practices at the university.

You can find out more and take part in the survey.

Project team

Project funding

This project is funded by the John and Lorna Wing Foundation.