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One World Seminars

These seminars, driven by academics at Bath and international collaborators, cover many mathematical topics. Join with people around the world via Zoom.

Project status

In progress



Dog looking at planet earth from the moon
Online technology is bringing mathematical sciences research to the world.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has been forced to slow down. The scientific community has been no exception with cancellations of conferences, seminars and research visits. We are all forced to build up new communication channels, and the One World seminars are an attempt to keep our communities together. The short term goal is to provide access to seminars for as many researchers as possible. For the indefinite future, the seminars are intended to foster ideas among our truly global research communities and to help reduce our impact on climate change.

Join a One World Seminar

There are now over 20 different One World Seminars that have grown out of this grass-roots project in different areas of mathematics.

Go to the One World Project website for more information.