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Our roadmap to reopening

Information on the steps we've taken to reopen campus.

Project status

In progress



Restart roadmap

This roadmap aims to give members of our community an indication of our plans to reopen different activities in University buildings and on campus.

The wellbeing, safety and health of all members of our community is a fundamental priority for the University, and these considerations are at the core of our plans.

We understand that we’ve all experienced a great deal of uncertainty and change in the last few months. We are designing our plans to be as future-proof as possible, so we are agile enough to respond to any changes in government guidance, whilst enabling our students and staff to study and work in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Lockdown (March-May)

  • Move to online learning and teaching
  • Active support, including free food, 24/7 security presence and shop, for those students still on campus
  • Essential research related to Covid-19 continues
  • Production of Personal Protective Equipment for local NHS workers
  • Most other University activities and buildings closed
  • Staff working from home wherever possible

Reopening essential activities and planning (May-June)

  • Planned, phased reopening of priority research laboratories with health and safety measures in place
  • Online assessments carried out successfully
  • Elite sport restarted in Sports Training Village at the end of May, in line with government guidelines
  • Major programme planning ramps up for the 2020/21 academic year
  • New outdoor take-away catering outlet for students and staff on campus

Wider reopening and finalising plans (July-August)

  • Majority of research laboratories restart activity
  • Sports Training Village reopens to early customer groups in early August, in line with government guidelines
  • Gradual increase of staff numbers on campus
  • Phased return of staff from furlough
  • Planning and testing measures for September

Welcome (September)

  • Full plans in place, with health and safety measures and social distancing, to welcome more staff and students, to begin blended learning and teaching
  • Registration will take place online. Once registered, students will have access to all our university systems, library resources and Moodle.
  • University student accommodation open with students in household ‘bubbles’
  • Arrivals will take place between 17 and 22 September
  • Departmental welcome and activity happening between 23-25 September
  • University and SU Welcome activities take place between 17-25 September
  • Most teaching, research and operational staff doing some work on campus, some staff working remotely
  • Continued remote study and work for those who need it

Flexible plans for 2020-21

  • Flexible plans in place to increase or reduce University activity, depending on Government and public health guidelines
  • Blended learning in place from September, a mixture of in-person, live online interactive learning and independent study
  • If social distancing measures and Government guidance is relaxed, more activity will open up
  • Readiness to implement business continuity plan if needed
  • Most teaching, research and operational staff doing some work on campus, some staff working remotely
  • Continued remote study and work for those who need it