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University of Bath

Social prescribing

This project developed new digital tools to expand social prescribing within Bath & North East Somerset.

Social prescribing links primary healthcare service providers and individuals to third sector voluntary organisations that provide a wide range of wellbeing and fitness activities which improve individual health. The aim of social prescribing is to consider health in a more holistic way by addressing broader social determinants of wellbeing, like isolation, lifestyle and low income that can reduce the uptake and efficacy of health interventions. As such, social prescribing programmes broaden the range of options available to health professionals to most effectively and cost-efficiently meet patient health and wellbeing needs.

Funded by Innovate UK, this project helped GPs and patients to identify and access local wellbeing opportunities using tools like mobile phone apps. The study drew on skills and expertise developed from the research team’s work with data and digital methods for policymaking and public engagement. Professor Barnett, Emily Rempel, and Dr Durrant worked to explore the options for digital technologies in matching individual’s wellbeing profiles to Social Prescribing opportunities.

Research team

The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) was a partner on this project, which is led by Digital Algorithms Ltd. The IPR team includes:

Other collaborators on this project included:

  • Developing Health & Independence (DHI)
  • Wellbeing College
  • Second Step
  • Bath & North East Somerset Council


Innovate UK