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University of Bath

The UK pensions policy project

A research project to develop an in-depth understanding of the factors which affected the reform of the UK pensions system from 1997 - 2015.

About the project

The pension reforms that were initiated in the early 2000s, and implemented during the 2010s, represent a milestone in the history of UK pensions provision.

This project is about bringing together existing information on these reforms, augmenting it with new material and content, and providing explanations and key lessons as to how and why the UK pensions system, unlike other areas of public policy, was successfully and sustainably reformed. This involves two main strands of work.

Video interviews project

Much of the detail of what took place to make the reforms possible will not be available in either public or private documents.

We’re capturing what happened through a series of video interviews with policymakers, experts, academics and stakeholders, about their recollections of the issues and events that contributed to the adoption and implementation of the reform package.

This will lead to a research report and academic articles, plus video content from the interviews and a summary video from across the project, which aim to contribute to our understanding of not only pensions reform but wider policymaking processes.

Developing the archive

We want to bring all this information into one accessible, free-to-use area, so we’re developing the UK’s first pension reform archive and information hub. The platform will include context, background, milestones and timelines and will be an authoritative source of published and unpublished documents related to the UK pension reforms.

The archive and public information will be a free resource for researchers, analysts, policymakers, regulators, and practitioners. By creating this archive, we hope that its contents can help inform others and, in doing so, contribute towards better designed pension schemes, policy, and regulation around the world.

Project team