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TRansdisciplinary Engineering Design (TREND)

Our EPSRC-funded research project (EP/R013179/1) aims to provide industry with the tools to enable effective transdisciplinary working.


£1.8 million

Project status

In progress


1 Dec 2017 to 31 Aug 2023

Our TREND (TRansdisciplinary ENgineering Design) research group is a five-year project funded under the EPSRC theme, Manufacturing the Future.

Our aims

With the £1.8m grant, we aim to fundamentally change how 21st century products are designed. We'll provide design engineers with a toolkit of models and processes to support the rapid uptake of emerging technologies and enhancement of current technologies. Its use will span manufacturing sectors and their constituent disciplines such as:

  • DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly)
  • additive manufacturing in construction

Including tools, technologies and processes, the toolkit will be data driven so that it can continue to evolve. Our ultimate ambition is to design and validate a transdisciplinary engineering (TE) index. The index will allow industry to access their current TE state and the required level of disciplinarity. Through this toolkit, they will then be able to focus on moving towards transdisciplinary engineering.

For current news from the TREND Research Group check out our Blog.

The TREND team

University of Bath

  • Professor Linda Newnes, Principle Investigator
  • Dr Emily Carey
  • Dr Vimal Dhokia
  • Dr Joe Flynn
  • Dr James Gopsil
  • Dr Alex Hultin
  • Dr Susan Lattanzio
  • Professor Marcelle McManus
  • Dr Nataliya Mogles
  • Professor Glenn Mullineux
  • Professor Stephen Newman
  • Dr Alborz Shokrani

University of Bristol

  • Professor Ben Hicks
  • Dr Aydin Nassehi
  • Professor Richard Trask
  • Dr Reza Imani Asrai

University of Surrey


Academic and industrial partners we work with on this project.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our courses or research activity, please email or phone us.