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University of Bath

Annual energy and environment reports

Reports on our progress in meeting our carbon and sustainability targets.

In May 2020, the University declared a Climate Emergency and adopted 11 Climate Action Framework Principles to guide our whole institution response.

Through these principles, the University has committed to challenging carbon targets, including being Net Zero in Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2040.

Summary for 2023

This latest report details actions being taken across our four thematic work areas of education, research, footprint and partnerships. Here we've shared just a few highlights that exemplify the University's good first steps on our transition to becoming a low carbon campus. The process of change is complex and so the report also details areas in which the University understands the magnitude of the challenges ahead but where work has only just begun.

  • Climate Literacy was offered to all incoming students
  • We’re collaborating on a partnership project focused on Education for Sustainable Development
  • The Institute for Sustainability launched
  • Our LEAF pilot targeting lab sustainability has grown to more than 50 labs across eight departments
  • The University’s total carbon footprint for 2021/22 is down 1% compared to 2020/21
  • We launched our Sustainable Food Commitment
  • The Business and Travel Expenses Policy has been updated to give carbon consideration greater priority
  • Our second annual survey showed continued support for transformational change to address the climate crisis