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University of Bath

Annual energy and environment reports

Reports on our progress in meeting our sustainability targets.

Summary for 2020

  • Electricity use down 2% over last 2 years despite two major new buildings being built.
  • Energy consumption and water usage lower than in 2005 despite significant growth over that period.
  • Since 2005, per m2 building floor area:
    • Electricity down 31%
    • Gas down 28%
    • Water down 49%
    • Saving £1.5m annually
  • Carbon emissions down 35% since 2005, despite significant growth. Emissions per m2 building floor area down 54%
  • Self-generated electricity accounts for almost 7% of total use – CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants generated £235k worth of electricity, enough to power 540 houses, while also recycling their waste heat on site. 15 million units generated on site over the life of these units, saving 6000 tonnes CO2 and £1.5m in total.
  • Chemistry (1 South) building water use halved since 2015 and total running costs reduced by £100k
  • 4,110 bags of charity donations collected and donated to British Heart Foundation instead of going to landfill, raising £58k from ‘end of term’ unwanted food, clothing, crockery and appliances. £554,000 raised since the campaign began in 2012.
  • Award winning ‘Protecting What Matters’, ‘Leave No Trace’, and ‘Student Switch Off’ campaigns continue to run in student-facing areas.
  • University continues to operate with 100% green renewable electricity supply, across the whole estate.
  • New ambitious Climate Action Framework under development