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University of Bath

Annual energy and environment reports

Reports on our progress in meeting our carbon and sustainability targets.

In May 2020, the University declared a Climate Emergency and adopted 11 Climate Action Framework Principles to guide our whole institution response. Through these principles, the University has committed to challenging carbon targets, including being Net Zero by 2040.

Summary for 2023-24

This latest report details actions being taken across the University on our transition to becoming a low carbon campus. The process of change is complex and so we also share details of where challenges remain.

  • 49% of students are experiencing some level of climate or sustainability education through their course – read more about how we’re transforming our education to empower our students and graduates to be pioneers for change on pages 12-18
  • 29% staff and 38% students are conducting research that aligns with a 1.5°C future – discover Bath’s innovative projects and research programmes driving sustainability solutions across a range of sectors on pages 19-24
  • The University carbon footprint has increased 24% compared to the previous year, due to factors both within and beyond our control – read more on page 26 and find out how we’re tackling this on pages 25-31
  • 73% of staff and 55% of students are aware of the University’s response to climate change – be inspired by the breadth of projects being undertaken by our community and through partnership projects on pages 32-41