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Career conversations record form and guidance

Helpful resources to support you to conduct a career conversation in your department.

To understand more about the purpose and process for conducting a career conversation meeting, please refer to the career conversations briefing document. You can also download the workshop resources and guidance documents for further information.

To make notes of your career conversation, please download the record form (there is a separate form for staff within the Faculty of Science). Once filled out, this document should be passed to your Department Co-ordinator or line manager to record in iTrent.

Please note, recording in iTrent is only done to document the meeting taking place and to provide a secure store for the notes.

If you're a manager, please read the guidance on how to upload documents to Manager Self Service (MSS).

Find out how to view your previously uploaded SDPR forms on Employee Self Service (ESS).

To download these files, you must be connected to the University of Bath network or log in with your University username and password.