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University of Bath

Changes to the Voluntary Living Wage 2024 and the proposals being negotiated with our Trades Unions

Information on the Voluntary Living Wage (VLW) rate changes and access to the document being negotiated with the trades unions.

We are dedicated to fostering fair and equitable conditions for all our employees. In line with this commitment, we have engaged in negotiations with our trades unions (TUs); Unison, Unite and UCU, regarding the most recent changes to the VLW. As an accredited VLW employer we are committed to paying our staff the Living Wage which is set independently and updated annually in line with inflation and the cost of living. The Living Wage Foundation announced an increase of the VLW from £10.90 to £12.00 per hour, and we will implement the new rate with effect from 1st April 2024.

To ensure transparency and inclusivity, we want to ensure that all staff members, including those who are not part of a trade union, are informed and have an opportunity to read the proposal being put forward to the union members regarding the changes to the VLW.

The document outlines the proposal addressing this year's VLW increase and acknowledges the significant 10% increases in 2023 and 2024. This upward trend has implications for other areas of the pay scale, and as such, the document also includes provisions for negotiations on other remuneration procedures to ensure their suitability in the coming years.

It is important to note that the document shared for review is part of ongoing negotiations, and its contents may not be finalised if agreements cannot be reached with our unions. However, irrespective of negotiation outcomes, the University is committed to adhering to the new VLW rate.

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