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Chemistry Applicant Visit Day Programme

Check the programme for our Chemistry Applicant Visit Days so you can find out what will happen and when.

Our Chemistry Applicant Visit Days take place from January to April 2024. If you're an offer-holder for one of our Chemistry courses you will be emailed an invitation to one of these events.

Applicant Visit Days give you a real insight into what it's like to study at the University. You will meet current students and members of staff from the Department, and have the chance to ask all the questions you need to make your decision.

Travelling to campus

There are many different ways to travel to our University of Bath campus. Find out more about how to get here.

Free Parking permit

We recommend anyone travelling to our campus by car use our East Car Park and display a free parking permit.

A free printable parking permit is found below. Please note, the permit does not guarantee a space.

Applicant Visit Day programme

Thursday 22 February 2024

Start Finish Description Venue
10.30am 11.15am Arrival and registration 1 South 0.01
11.15am 11.50am Welcome and mini lecture Chancellors' Building 2.6
11.50am 12.30pm Campus Tour -
12.30pm 1.15pm Lunch 1 South Pool area
1.15pm 2.00pm Course information talk 8 West 2.1
2.00pm 3.00pm Applicants: tour 1 South and 3 South, group chat with academic. Parents/ Guardians: Q&A Session. 8W 2.1
3.00pm - End of day -