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University of Bath

Domestic Abuse: Guidance for Managers and Staff

Provides guidance for staff who have experienced domestic abuse and provides advice to managers and staff on steps that can be taken to help them.

The University opposes domestic abuse in all of its forms and recognises that it is a widespread problem which can affect victims both physically and mentally. It is also committed to ensuring all staff are provided with a safe working environment, in which risks to health and wellbeing are considered and dealt with effectively.

Domestic abuse is an issue that affects all sections of society and is not just restricted to physical abuse. If you are a victim of domestic abuse it is important to tell someone about it. This guidance includes contact details for a range of dedicated support organisations who can support victims.

This guidance and approach is part of the University’s commitment to support those staff who are suffering or have suffered domestic abuse and to take appropriate action with those who have perpetrated abuse.

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