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University of Bath

Framework for research entities

How research Institutes, Beacons, Centres and Groups are governed at the University of Bath.

The establishment of coordinated collaborative research structures - e.g., Institutes, Beacons, Centres and Groups - is key to support the University’s aspirations for increasing the scale and enhancing the excellence of our research and innovation. They are also crucial to the success of the University’s strategic goals and values.

A proper framework to manage the governance of Institutes, Beacons, Centres and Groups will help ensure that we maximise our investment and efforts to achieve international excellence in research. In addition, it will help the University, Faculties and Departments identify, develop, and derive reputational, intellectual and/or financial value.

Finally, this Framework, will help to enhance our research culture and environment, support the development of impactful research and enhance collaboration on research outputs – all of which will help to enhance the vitality and sustainability of research in the University.

This Framework was approved by Council in July 2022.

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